Secret Garden

Our stories are algorithms.

An immersive web experience

Stephanie Dinkins

Commissioned by Nokia Bell Labs and Onassis Foundation.
Presented by NEW INC and ONX Studio.

If you are in New York City extend your Secret Garden experience.
Visit the physical installation at ONX Studio, Manhattan.


Lead Artist
Stephanie Dinkins
Stephanie Dinkins, Adaora Udoji, Nokia Bell Labs, Onassis Foundation, NEW INC, ONX Studio
Platform Development
Sidney San Martín
Creative Producers
Lead Developers (Physical Installation)
Danielle McPhatter and Ethan Edwards, Nokia Bell Labs, and Sidney San Martín
Creative Technologists
DOTDOT and Sidney San Martín
Technical Directors
Stephanie Dinkins, Jade Dinkins

Audio Production (Storytellers)
Hidden Chapel Studios
3D Assets
Jessa Gillespie
Myda El-Maghrabi
Mark Alan Johnson, Mojo Video Tech Inc
Cast (visual)
Brandi Porter, Dayne Board, Erlene Curry, Lisa Sainvil, Melissa Moore, Tianna Mendez
Cast (audio)
Deborah Leon, Joy Sunday, Karen Vaughn, Laura Vandiver, Leah Arscott, Stephanie Dinkins
Technical Production Support
Hard Work Party, Dirt Empire, Noel Paul
With Special Support From
Scatter, Creators of Depthkit
Production Intern
Elizabeth Pérez
Dinkins Studio Support
Neta Bomani

Thank you to all the people who lent their time and talent to this project, it would not have been possible without you. Additionally, thank you to Domhnaill Hernon, Vallejo Gantner, Abhita Austin, Erlene Curry, Karen Wong, Stephanie Pereira, Zoë Dolan, Alex Darby, and Mike Kelberman.

Special Thanks as well to the individuals whose contributions helped to make this presentation possible: Keri Elmsly, Ruby Lerner, Susan McPherson; and to RENTEX for essential support with installation equipment.